If you'd like to view the short proof-of-concept film, please email info@flawless2019.com for a password.

The "Flawless" project was initially conceived as a short film that examined the life of a genetically modified child who was born a boy but identified as a girl. Proposing questions like what happens when you start manipulating our genetic code, what are the desires, the consequences, etc... 


As creator Amanda Lechner researched more about the world of genetically modified children and artificial intelligence, she was astonished to find these technologies to "play God" in such a fashion, have already been established. No longer a work of science fiction, "Flawless" became a dramatic examination of what our word could become if these technologies stay under wraps, with large corporation control, and little public knowledge of their existence. 

Through the eyes of the newest generation of Genetically Modified Prodigies (gene edited babies with artificial intelligence in the world of "Flawless"), the short film proposes how fast a child can become "corrupt," what it means to be flawless, and how easily it can be justified to further control these unique children or start over with a "blank slate." 

Again, the technology is here.... We can gene splice for desired traits and brain chips have been invented to hook us up directly to the internet. But who controls what is being said online? Who do you trust in this Flawless world we're creating? We all must be included in the conversation if we want to make it to an inclusive tomorrow. 


With five different locations and a skeleton crew, our team collaborated to bring the "Flawless" story to life, even adding (now key) story elements to enhance both character and theme.